Over the last month, Fox News has been dealing with the sexual harassment scandal that led to firing of Bill O'Reilly just over a week ago. In the aftermath, the network has been creating a narrative that they are "changing the culture," but that didn't appear to be the case during a recent broadcast.

Fox News trouble

It was over a year ago when the first signs of trouble started at Fox News. The network's founder and former CEO Roger Ailes had been accused of various acts of sexual assault and was forced to step down from his role with the company.

The news sent a shock-wave through the number one cable news station in the country, but executives had to deal with the dark cloud of controversy hanging over them at the same time. As Fox News was dealing with the fallout from Ailes, the New York Times released their bombshell story about Bill O'Reilly which revealed the host had reached a $13 million settlement with five different women who accused him of sexual harassment. The allegations had such a negative reaction from sponsors that the network reached a buyout and O'Reilly's two decade dominance came to an end. While Fox News attempts to rebound and re-brand, one host on "The Five" didn't make things easier on Tuesday night, which resulted in social media going viral on April 26.

During the Tuesday night edition of "The Five" on Fox News, fill-in co-host Jesse Watters made a comment about Ivanka Trump that many are calling "sexist." While addressing Ivanka's recent speech in Berlin, Germany at the W20 summit, Watters made an joke that hinted about oral sex.

"I really like the way she was speaking into that microphone," Watters said, with a smirk on his face. His comment came ironically as he was lecturing the political left on their criticism of Donald Trump over his treatment of women.

Twitter reacts

In response, Jesse Watters and Fox News got hammered across social media.

"When a company sends the clear signal that women are basically sub-human, vile behavior thrives even after top offenders are fired," CNN host Jake Tapper tweeted out. "I wonder how Fox would have reacted if an anchor at MSNBC said this," CNN reporter Nathan McDermott wrote.

"Jesse Watters complains the Left doesn't respect Ivanka Trump and then in front of 2.5 million people intimates Ivanka was blowing her mike," New York Times columnist John Podoretz tweeted.

"The apple does not fall from the tree, wherein the apple in question is Bill O'Reilly's disappointing adult son Jesse Watters," Ned Resnikoff of Think Progress added. Watters attempted to later clarify his comments by explaining he was speaking about Ivanka Trump's voice, but many didn't believe he was sincere his explanation.