Trump's national security advisor H. R. McMaster said in an interview with ABC News it was time for "serious talks" with Russia in terms of their support for the Syrian government and the issue of their "subversive moves in Europe".

McMaster claims that Russian support for Assad flared Syrian civil war that has spread to Iraq and affects neighboring countries and Europe. "We need to talk about Russia's support for this terrible regime, as well as on Russian subversive actions in Europe," he said. "I think it is time, now, for these discussions with Russia," he noted.

Relations between Russia and the United States have gotten worse after Trump ordered a rocket attack on Syria. Moscow considers this act an international aggression.

China and Russia are preparing for the conflict

China and Russia have sent their spy ships to follow the US fleet led by the aircraft carrier that travels towards the North Korean territorial waters, reports The Telegraph.

Last week Beijing asked Russia for help in preventing the crisis because of North Korea. China is, in fact, worried that the US president Donald Trump wants to clash with Kim Jong-un about his nuclear weapons program.

American President sent a fleet led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was interpreted as a message to Pyongyang.

Trump described that group of vessels as the armada and said that he is also sending submarines that are much more powerful than an aircraft carrier.

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun says that China and Russia sent a spy vessel to monitor Vinson. This news came after information that the Chinese Travel Agencies have ceased to arrange travel to North Korea a popular destination among Chinese tourists.

Agencies, however, said that authorities did not force them to stop traveling in the mysterious country. Air China, the largest airline in China, also broke all flights to Pyongyang. They argue that this is due to lack of interest, but others speculate that the Chinese are actually quietly preparing for the real possibility for some kind of conflict with North Korea.

American patience has been spent

Vice President of the United States arrived by helicopter in a military camp Bonifas, located just a few meters away from the demilitarized zone between South and North Korea. The demilitarized zone is fenced with four kilometers wide belt between the two countries covered by land mines and barbed wire.

Tensions have risen strongly in recent weeks between the United States and the regime in Pyongyang, which tested several missiles in response to the sending of American ships and aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to the Korean peninsula. Pence called the attempt of testing "a provocation". President Donald Trump warned on Thursday that the United States will deal with the North Korean problem and prevent the regime of Kim Jong-un from developing an intercontinental missile that could reach American soil.