The 100-day mark is a big deal because after that three-month span you want to take stock. Read the leaves. First, let it be said that no president has ever manufactured more news. If news and drama are your things, then we have had an incredible beginning. I defy any reader to list all the stories that got to be headlines in major media. This is not new in history. Shakespeare was onto it many hundreds of years ago. The first hundred days were full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

That's right, we got a taste of The Apprentice, every day. But just now we have an accomplishment that was truly remarkable.

trump actually freed a Human Rights Activist who had been in an Egyptian jail for several years. That story culminates this otherwise grim dispatch.

Trump's record is largely nonexistent

Many things are wrong with the 100-day benchmark used to evaluate the performance pf Donald Trump and his iffy administration. Sure Trump boasted that he would get things done quickly. Unfortunately, he did several things that should have warned him to slow down. He signed a Muslim ban that has been widely criticized and turned down by judges from the east coast to Hawaii.

He rolled back essential elements necessary to keep us safe from airborne plagues. He drove a stake through the heart of Barack Obama's timid but well-meant efforts to create some environmental progress. So Trump did things.

The idea that the GOP Congress knows how to govern is at best a stretch. It is inexperienced, ideologically stalled and seemingly incapable of actually writing laws without massive flaws.

So let Trump's first 100 Days be a sad memory of a vagrant pen that did evil. Pray the courts reverse the damage done. Otherwise, hope that something intervenes and converts the president back to his barely operative Presbyterian roots.

A praiseworthy move from the Trump administration

Maybe if we can work up a chorus of praise for this closing story we could turn Trump from the grinch who stole America into a paragon of decency and a leader worth his salt.

The freeing of a human rights activist by Egypt is a triumph that should be widely praised. Human rights are at the very center of what democracy is. Trump has been rightly faulted for ignoring the universal values that make for progress. But this move, detailed in the New York Times dispatch above would be even more significant if it set off a light in the President's head. It would be a flip to remember.