Is Delta Air Lines riding on the controversy caused by united airlines’ ban on Pass Riders passengers wearing leggings? A day after netizens had a field day commenting on the prohibition made by the American air carrier, its competitor took advantage of the situation by stating Delta does not ban travelers wearing leggings.

Twitter war

In a tweet on Monday, Delta announced, “Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings.)". The air carrier ended the tweet with a winking Smiley emoji. However, United clarified that the prohibition applies only to passengers traveling for free who use the Pass Riders privilege of an employee of the air carrier, Mashable reported.

On Sunday, after a gate agent stopped young female passengers wearing leggings from boarding a United Airlines Minneapolis-bound flight from a Colorado airport, the company immediately explained the ban. Jonathan Guerin, the spokesman of United, explained that the air carrier has a different policy for paying passengers and those who use the Pass Riders privilege extended to friends and relatives of the embattled carrier.

Dress code

Guerin clarified the dress code of United does not apply to paying passengers. But it is another case for Pass Riders travelers who are availing of the travel plan of the air carrier and must follow the dress code which has been in place for so many years. The need to comply is based on the policy that Pass Riders users represent United Airlines.

The strict code is not limited to leggings. According to United Airline’s website, clothes that Pass Riders passengers could not wear aboard are clothes made of Lycra and spandex and other form-fitting garments. Also prohibited are dirty and torn jeans as well as halter tops and other attire that reveal the body such as see-through clothing.

Celebrity comments

Ahead of the United explanation, Twitter exploded with comments – mostly negative – about the United Airlines policy without understanding the rationale behind the regulation. Patricia Arquette, an actress, insisted that leggings are the “business attire” of 10-year-old children. The air carrier did not disagree with her comment since those she cited are young children, not young women.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted she once flew on a flight of the company with no pants on. She just wore a top as a dress. The wife of singer John Legend threatened to wear only jeans and a scarf the next time she flies United Airlines.

United is not the only airline that bans leggings. New York Daily News reported that the outfit is also not allowed on American Airlines flights. AA also prohibits travelers in workout clothes, beach clothing, shorts and T-shirts and clothes with offensive graphics.

Delta admitted it also has a different policy for non-revenue passengers, but the prohibition is only on clothes that are vulgar, excessively dirty and breach laws on community standards and public decency. It covers bare feet but still excludes leggings.