Severe thunderstorms over Atlanta on Wednesday delayed and canceled hundreds of flights. While it’s never great to be stuck on the tarmac for hours, one airline figured out a way to improve the situation. It turns out Delta Air Lines’ idea was popular, with many Twitter users praising the service, sharing photos of pilots and crew members handing out Free pizza.

It wasn’t just on the runway, either, as passengers who got stranded at Norfolk International Airport also got a treat. Delta Air Lines reportedly ordered almost 600 pies for airports in Atlanta and close by.

A spokesman for Delta said airport station managers came up with the idea some years ago during a Severe Weather episode. Morgan Durrant says it has, since then, been one of their “go-to tactics” whenever the weather is bad or other delays affect their passengers.

Grateful messages to Delta on Twitter

However, while handing out pizzas has been a regular bad weather thing, Delta was surprised to see such a level of support from passengers on Twitter. Durrant said almost all the messages were positive, adding that it seems a small gesture, but passengers always appreciate it.

He did go on to say that it’s not always free pizza, as Delta gives their teams free choice to find something meaningful, depending on the circumstances.

Durrant said it’s always Nathan’s hot dogs or bagels in New York, for example, and the airline has also given out free decks of cards and coloring books for families traveling with children in the past.

Free foot-long subs and chicken biscuits courtesy of Delta Air Lines

As noted by US Magazine, it wasn’t just in Atlanta, as passengers in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio and Tennessee also had a treat.

That report mentioned that in Nashville alone, the airline ordered 60 foot-long subs and 160 pizzas for customers who were stranded by the flight delays. More than 300 Panama City, Florida passengers were happy to munch down on 20 trays of chicken biscuits and 60 pizzas, according to Michael Thomas, Delta’s corporate communications manager.

Reportedly something similar happened last year when a massive power outage caused 2,300 flights to be canceled. At that stage Delta treated their passengers to pizza and doughnuts, and even offered free liquor.

While it is never pleasant to experience flight delays, there is nothing quite like free food and drink to keep a person happy. However, there is always one bright spark that takes a different angle.