The last time boxer Adrien Broner was in the ring was this past February. After ten rounds, Broner defeated his friend Adrian Granados in a match on February 18. Since that time, Broner has been doing a little bit of Boxing and a lot of partying. Just a few days ago, the athlete found himself meeting up with the police yet again.

Bullet-covered SUV

On the evening of April 20, boxer Adrien Broner was pulled over in Covington, Kentucky after police noticed bullet holes on his vehicle. Once officers ran his information, they discovered that Broner had a warrant out for his arrest from an incident in 2014.

The past warrant was for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

As the officers were preparing to handcuff and arrest him for his outstanding warrant, Broner could be heard saying "I just almost got killed, and now they're taking me to jail." He proceeded with the comment "I'm rich. I don't give a f*** about nothing."

According to witnesses, Broner wasn't doing any of the shooting, he was just the victim of it all. People in the area were calling 911 after hearing a number of shots fired. The 27-year-old was then taken to jail right outside of his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. After his arrest, Broner posted bond, a whopping $503. He is scheduled to appear in court next week on April 27.

There have not yet been any arrests made in the case.

Past troubles and jail time

Trouble with the law is something that Adrien Broner is no stranger to. His rap sheet is pretty hefty and begins all the way back in 2007 when Broner was just 17-years-old. ESPN reports that the boxer's criminal record includes aggravated robbery, felony assault and contempt of court.

The boxer even spent a month in jail last summer.

After his most recent arrest, Adrien Broner told TMZ Sports:

“They try to kill me because they jealous of my success. Every fake killer or every killer wants a celebrity on their list. I was once them before. The higher the celebrity you’ve got on your list, that’s how people respect you.”

Broner says he has no idea who shot at his vehicle, but he feels that the reason someone was shooting at him was because he is a celebrity.

The former four division world champion was not injured in the incident and has since said that he is not scared for his safety. He is a father to seven children, and does not seem too worried about their safety either.

Broner does not have any future fights scheduled, but maybe after his upcoming court appearance he can focus on preparing for another fight.