The Nebraska football team has seen a definite upswing since its Spring Game weekend. The team got four new commits, including one for the 2019 class and appears to have a few more on the horizon. The members of the 2018 class that recently joined the Huskers commit list are good enough that the Cornhuskers have jumped into the Top Ten of ESPN's recruiting rankings. As the Omaha World-Herald reports, the highest Nebraska has ever finished in these rankings is 17th so their current foray high into the rankings is certainly something mike riley can hang his hat on.

There is the caveat that it is indeed still far too early to think the team's current ranking is where it will end up.

Nebraska has team and individual talent

The high team ranking for the Huskers shouldn't be that big a shock when you consider that Nebraska has four players ranked in ESPN's Top 300 in the country. The most recent commits have apparently jumpstarted a recruiting class that had begun to look as though it was floundering a bit. There were plenty of players talking about how much they liked the football coaches and the school, but no one was pulling the trigger. With Brendan Radley-Hiles naming the Huskers as his football team of choice, it seemed to send a charge back into the recruiting season.

Manuel Allen was close behind the defender known as "Bookie" as he announced over the weekend as well. Those two players are among the four that are currently ranked among the 300 best players in the country by ESPN.

The Big Ten is seeing success

While the Nebraska football team is seeing some serious success lately in the ESPN team recruiting rankings, they are far from the only one.

The conference, in general, appears to be having a kind of resurgent season, according to the sports giant. Despite their 10th ranking, they are just the third ranked team in the Big Ten. Nebraska still sits behind number two Penn State and number three Ohio State. There is still definitely something to hang our hat on though, as the Huskers have placed ahead of number 11 Michigan and number 15 Northwestern.

In total, there are seven Big Ten conference teams that have made ESPN's Top 25 recruiting rankings. Minnesota has the 16th best class and Wisconsin slides in as the 24th best. Not only is Nebraska as high as it's ever been as a team, but the four players currently in the Top 300 is the most they've had since they nabbed five. Mike Riley managed that feat just last year.