Reports indicate the North Korean missile launch that the US and the rest of the world had been anticipating took place today- but what was supposed to be a show of power for the Communist regime was instead rather underwhelming.

The missile exploded within seconds of launching

The NY Times indicates the ballistic missile was launched from a submarine base near Simpo this morning but had barely gained any altitude before it came crashing back down to the earth. Sources claim Kim Jong-un, North Korea's infamous leader, had initially hoped the launch would be a dominant display of military prowess that would bolster the country's status as a serious international threat- but ended up deeply embarrassed as he watched his multi-billion dollar project fail yet again.

The launch was meant to celebrate North Korea's founder

Saturday's festivities were meant to celebrate the 105th anniversary of North Korea's founder and Kim Jong-un's grandfather, Kim Il-sung, per reports. Known in Korea as the "Day of the Sun," it's touted as the country's largest holiday, and often coincides with new, brazen displays of national power and wealth. In fact, reports claim that before the test, three different types of ballistic missiles were paraded around the nation's capital as thousands of Korean soldiers marched alongside information. The parade also included several tanks, rockets, and other missiles.

With the failure, US officials can breathe a sigh of relief

Earlier this week, US officials indicated serious concerns over what was supposed to be a "big event" today in North Korea- even going so far as to ready military forces for a potential attack on the country of 25 million.

With the failure, however, standby troops can breathe a small sigh of relief. With missile development often taking several months, a potential crisis has been averted- at least for the time being.

The US may be contributing to North Korea's recent missile failures

Intelligence reports claim North Korean missile tests have been failing at an extremely high rate after former President Obama initiated a program some time ago with the purpose of disrupting as many launches as possible.

This program, which includes the use of electronic warfare, may have very well slowed down North Korea's weapons development considerably- though officials don't know if it's necessarily the sole cause. When asked whether US interference may have had anything to do with the recent failure of the Kim Jong-un regime, current President Donald Trump made no comments about the role the American government may or may not have played.

Vice President Pence received the news while en-route to South Korea

Sources indicate Vice President Mike Pence, who recently left Washington for Seoul, was informed of the missile's explosion while en-route to South Korea. He has since landed and commenced his ten-day tour through Asia.