Emma Morano, the world's Oldest Person, has passed away at the age of 117. As crazy as it sounds, Emma was born back in the year 1899. Prior to her passing, she was the only person in the world still alive that was born in the 1800's. Emma has spoken out about her longevity in the past and attributed her great health to both her genes and her diet.

Emma claims eggs kept her healthy

For over 90 years Emma ate two raw eggs each day as well as one cooked egg and seemed to think that was a champion diet. A doctor diagnosed her with anemia and suggested that she handle it that way.

Her doctor shared that she didn't eat a lot of fruit or vegetables along with those eggs and that she basically ate the exact same thing day in and day out over years and years. It's not a diet that most doctors would suggest now, but it's also pretty hard to argue with the methods of anyone who successfully lived that long.

It would be easy to assume that part of Emma's good health came from a peaceful emotional life, but actually, she had some struggles in her day. Emma was in a marriage that was abusive and lost her only son. When she ditched the abusive husband she didn't ever remarry. because she "didn't want to be dominated by anyone." She also outlived all of her eight siblings and one would assume most of her friends as well.

Emma worked in a factory until she was 65-years-old and did not leave her apartment for the last 20 years of her life.

She saw a lot in her life

Emma was born in Italy and lived there until her last day. During her 117 years of life, she actually lived to see two world wars and 90 different Italian governments. Talk about a lesson in history.

She was born before the first Wright brothers flight took place in 1903, which is pretty mind boggling when you start thinking about how far technology has come within the past hundred years or so. She was older than the modern airplane.

Interestingly, Silvia Marchionini, the mayor of Verbania where Emma lived claims that there are over 20 people currently living in the city that are over 100 years old.

Perhaps there's something in the water in that Italian town. (Or just as likely in the wine.) Of all places to retire and attempt to live for a long time, Italy does sound like a pretty reasonable place. Warm weather, great food, and a nap culture are certainly a draw,

Mayor Silvia spoke out in honor of Emma for making it as long as she did: "She reached an incredible finish line."

Since Emma's passing the new oldest person is Jamaican Violet Brown, born in 1900.