U.S. President Trump recently selected a retired Marine Corps general to take over the reigns of the Secret Service. Randolph D. Alles will take over as the head of the protection agency that is tasked to protect the first family.

Randolph Alles tasked with protecting the first family

General Alles had worked as an agent official in Customs and Border Protection and retired from the Marine Corps in 2011. Additionally, the two-star general will be the only high- ranking general that have not previously served in this capacity. The announcement was issued by the White House on Tuesday.

This arrangement was made at a time when the Secret Service establishment was struggling to stay ahead of fast-paced development as well as addressing inadequacies in the staff. These problems, according to sources, were there before Donald Trump became the United States President.

Mr. Alles tasks involved re-branding the Secret Service organization as well as resolving investigative assignments that have been blamed on high employee turnover as well as the low resolution of cases. Currently, the Secret Service is being chastised for a recent breach at the White House. The suspect had scaled the walls and was able to roam around the property for almost 17 minutes before he was accosted and arrested by the Secret Service.

With the recent incident, Secret Service officials had restricted the public from using the passageway along the southern fence at the White House. However, according to the officials, this latest restriction was not because of the recent incident, but they have acknowledged that it would prevent future occurrences.

U.S taxpayers to pay $60 million more to protect the Trump family

Alles assignment as the director of the Secret Service will help to address the problem of efficiently protecting the U.S. President Donald Trump, who flies frequently to South Florida from the White House. Additionally, it will help relieve the strain the agency is currently undergoing to protect the Trump family.

Trump’s wife Melania and their son 11-year-old Baron lives in a penthouse in New York City.

The Secret Service also has to protect the President’s adult children, who frequently travel around the world where the billionaire family owns several business entities. According to internal documents that the Washington Post analyzed, the Secret Service budget will need an additional $60 million dollars next year to protect the President and his family. And according to the news outlet, half of this amount will go directly into protecting the Trump tower in New York.