US military intelligence reported that North Korea has again conducted a failed missile test launch on April 29. The Pentagon said that the missile was launched in Pukchang airfield in Pyongyang towards the Sea of Japan but exploded some 30 to 40 kilometers over land. The US military in the area is on red alert as the threat of Preemptive Strikes coming from North Korea are a constant threat.

What is the level of development of North Korea's missile program?

Military intelligence has determined that a KN-17 medium range missile produced in North Korea was being tested.

This missile is intended for anti-ship purposes like attacking the US naval contingent in the Korean peninsula.

The first test of the KN-17 earlier in April 2017 pinwheeled out of control shortly after lift-off and crashed into the sea of Japan. The second test occurred during the annual military parade in Pyongyang on April 16, which exploded a few seconds after lift-off. This is the third test and again resulted in failure. There are no reports of Kim Jong-Un's reaction to the string of failures, but the presumptuous dictator is Known for brutally executing officials that are not his liking.

North Korean is aware of these failed tests

The North Koreans are not aware of anything that is happening with their government.

Kim Jong-Un relies heavily on the propaganda machine that only promotes the successes of the government. Only top-level officers in government have access to information from outside of the country.

The internet and government information are restricted to citizens, and people caught attempting to go online will be severely punished or even killed.

Only Kim Jong-Un and his top military personnel have access to information about these failed tests, but through propaganda, his people are shown glorious advancement in ballistics.

What is the future of the North Korean crisis?

Military conflict is still a possibility, especially as tensions continue to rise after the installation of the THAAD missile system and the increase of US presence in the area.

However, the Trump administration have stated that the focus now is diplomatic and economic pressure and this can only be achieved with the help of china. Trump said that Beijing has a major role in urging Pyongyang into the diplomatic table, but China continues to support North Korea with exports.

At the moment, China may have mixed feelings in dealing with the US as continued sanctions may bring about the collapse of North Korea and be replaced by a US-friendly regime. This is not to the best interests of Beijing, thus complicating further the web of diplomatic tension in the area.