With his executive order dismantling Obama's groundbreaking Clean Power Plan, President Trump on Tuesday delivered a blow to environmentalists worldwide. He also managed to transform the Republican Party's climate skepticism into a national policy – and many people are worried about his next step.

Trump signs off climate deal

Trump, on Wednesday, hadn't yet decided whether to officially withdraw the United States from the landmark 2016 Paris agreement accord, that saw many countries making global commitments to defeat climate change. However, in destroying the policies that Obama engendered, Trump has essentially announced that it the US isn't falling into line and complying with the accord, even though it is still officially a signatory on the agreement.

Experts are worried what other counties will do now that the United States has renigged on its agreement. China, Infdai and Brazil could be influenced by Trump's disparagement of the agreement, and may want to similarly revoke their commitments. These countries are the world's largest carbon dioxide polluters – and it would be a travesty to see them leaving the landmark Paris accord.