Former head of the #Defense Intelligence Agency. A retired three-star Army general. One of President Donald Trump’s earliest advisers. Specialist on national security issues. Presidential Campaign all-star.

Who is Michael Flynn? He's both a paradox and a player, a star and a man in the shadows. He gained plenty of attention in the presidential campaign for his harsh attacks against presidential candidate #Hillary Clinton. He also gained attention for advocating a union of closer ties with the Russian government. In December 2015 he sat right next to President Vladimir Putin at a gala in Moscow.

Shared interests of the former cold war enemies

Flynn has publicly stated that both the US and Russia need to meet over their many shared interests, which range from global terrorism and the energy industry to Middle East failures.

It was his phone calls and his meetings with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, however, that got him into trouble, since he didn’t disclose those meeting to Vice President Pence.