The last 24 hours in American politics have been dominated by the story of retired Gen. Michael Flynn resigning as national security adviser in the Donald Trump administration. Less than a day after the story broke, one of the president's most vocal Republican critics decided to speak out.

McCain on Trump

Tension had been growing in recent weeks after Michael Flynn was exposed for alleged illegal communication with Russian officials in regards to possibly removing sanctions placed on the Kremlin by the Obama administration. After initially denying any wrongdoing, reports continued to be released, which went as far as claiming Flynn lied to Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence over the issue in question.

As of press time, the billionaire real estate mogul has not yet offered an offical statement, though Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer have done their best to smooth the situation over in the media. In the aftermath, the White House has found themselves backed into the corner over their first major scandal. As reported by The Hill on February 14, Arizona Sen. John McCain is offering his thoughts and he doesn't seem pleased with how the administration is handling the backlash.

In a story first reported by The Washington Examiner, John McCain didn't hold back his opinion on the Michael Flynn drama.

"It sucks the oxygen right out of the room," McCain told the paper, stating, "It really does." "We should be talking about replacing Obamacare. We should be talking about tax reform," the senator continued, before noting, "But that's not the issue that is dominating the news."

Not stopping there, John McCain unloaded on how the president and his team have handled the controversy surrounding Michael Flynn's departure, calling it a "troubling indication of the dysfunction of the current national security apparatus." While speaking to a reporter from The Guardian, McCain doubled down on his previous remarks, once again referring to the "dysfunction" in the White House.

"It’s a dysfunctional White House," the senator said, while also adding that "Nobody knows who’s in charge and nobody knows who’s setting policies." Despite Republicans winning back control in the White House and in Congress last November, it appears that there is dissension in the ranks, as opposition to the commander in chief continues.

Next up

While Michael Flynn might be out as the National Security Adviser, he's not the only person causing trouble for Donald Trump. After former campaign manager, and current presidential counsel, Kellyanne Conway appeared to violate ethics laws by promoting Ivanka Trump's clothing line, an investigation could soon be opened up, while putting even more pressure on he president.