On Tuesday Donald trump praised #Australia for their harsh immigration controls, leaving many to wonder if he would push harder to reinstate the travel ban that was overturned.

Australia has a strict policy of not letting any 'boat people' in from the surrounding pacific nations of Papua New Guinea and the region's North, claiming that refugees need to go back to where they come from, and that #Australia isn't responsible for their health and wellbeing.

Boats overturned and lives lost

Many boats have been sunk or overturned, and many lives lost, and the Australian coastal guard was once embroiled in a scandal and charged by critics that they looked the other way when a boat carrying refugees and babies sunk.

Australia opened up a detention 'processing facility' on Nauru Island and has kept hundreds of refuges in what many describe as appalling conditions. Like the States, Australia as a country seems to be split by those who agree with the ruling conservative party's harsh #immigration approach, and those who would like a more human and just approach.