One of the biggest head-scratchers over the last week came in the form of a comment made by Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway suggesting former President Barack Obama spied on Donald Trump using a microwave. After the news settled over the last 48 hours, the White House has finally offered a comment.

Spicer on Conway

It was just over a week ago when Donald Trump took to his Twitter account and accused Barack Obama of wiretapping his Trump Tower offices in New York City. Trump didn't provide evidence at the time, and has since failed to release any proof to back up his claim.

Last Sunday, USA Today interviewed Kellyanne Conway, who elaborated on the baseless conspiracy. Conway pointed out that the White House believes that Trump was spied on in various ways, before citing the use of televisions sets and microwaves disguised as cameras. During a press briefing on March 14, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was forced to address the issue.

While taking questions from the press, Fox reporter Ronica Cleary asked Sean Spicer straight up about the microwave conspiracy. "Does the president believe he was surveilled through microwaves and televisions?" Cleary asked. "He's (Trump) pretty clear that he believes there was surveillance conducted during the 2016 election and we're gonna wait for the conclusion of that," Spicer pointed out.

On whether or not a microwave or television was used by the Obama administration to bug Trump Tower, Sean Spicer was quick to dismiss the claims made by Kellyanne Conway.

"I think there's pretty sound evidence that a microwave is not a sound way of surveilling someone," Spicer said, before explaining that the incident has been "cleaned up." Continuing, Spicer said Conway's remarks were "made in jest" and that they have "put that to rest."

Moving forward

With the microwave comments behind them, the White House is still facing the reality of trying to prove Donald Trump's allegations to be true.

The House Select Committee had request information from the administration on the issue, giving a deadline of last Monday. The White House, through the Justice Department, then asked for an extension and only time will tell if they the information they eventually present is legitimate.