One of the more interesting things to come out of Trump's speech Friday at the #Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday was his discussion about Bernie Sanders, who he surprisingly didn't scorn, indeed he may have even praised.

#Bernie Sanders appealed to a large portion of the workers in the rust belt states where manufacturing has been taken overseas, and trump admitted that he got a lot of these votes when Hilary Clinton won the Democratic ticket.

Claiming he and the Vermont Senator were on the same page on #trade issues, Trump also likened his populist rise to that of Sanders.

Trump charges that Clinton is dishonest again

Trump implied that the Vermont senator's campaign was dishonestly toppled by Clinton, who was apparently backed by the #Democratic National Committee.

"It was a little rigged against him. Superdelegate, Superdelegate. She had so many delegates before the thing even started."

The praise was picked up by the press and broadcast loud and clear on Friday, since it was one of the many seemingly unguarded things Trump said in his speech – wherein lies his appeal.