National puppy day gives you the urge to pamper your canine more than you usually do, posting cute photos on the internet and providing your dog special treats and toys. Although it is a special day set aside to pamper your own canine(s), this is a day to alert prospective pet owners of the many Dogs in need of a home. There is nothing more heartwarming than to view photos and videos of pups playing together, interacting with their humans (especially children) and posing for the camera.

History of National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day got its start back in 1006 from Colleen Paige who is an author that had the goal of highlighting the abuse of animals in Puppy Mills while also promoting puppy adoptions.

Studies show that there is a correlation between the “baby schema” effect and the cuteness of a puppy. During baby schema, there is a release of chemicals of oxytoxin and dopamine in the brain that is similar in nature when a human looks at puppies. In fact, the same or similar chemicals are released when you fall in love. Since a puppy, like a baby, is helpless in caring for itself, a human’s biological response is the need to care and protect the young animal. At the same time, people feel happy when seeing puppies, whether it is in photos, videos or in real life, as these little critters are viewed as furry, wiggly bundles of cuteness on National Puppy Day and throughout the year.

Studies suggest, do not shop but adopt

If you are looking to bring a puppy or older dog into your home and family, for your own personal dose of canine happiness, consider adoption. Many people choose to go to breeders or shop at pet stores when looking for a puppy without realizing that most of these dogs come from puppy mills, which are operations that have no concern about the animals but only work for the profits.

Not all breeders operate as a puppy mill, but National Puppy Day presents an online site that is aimed at spreading awareness about puppy mills, how many dogs live in shelters and how many are euthanized annually throughout the United States. In honor of this special day as a dog lover, think before you buy a puppy and if you already have a puppy, celebrate its life through special moments together.