Old man winter blasted much of the east coast with frigid temperatures and snow flurries. Weather reports warn the locals to avoid outdoor activities for prolonged periods due to the elements. Such cautioning was also geared at keeping pets indoors. So it was disturbing to learn that one local dog was in a compromising position, fighting for her life.

Kia, the dog, was saved by a caring neighbor

Sarah McDerment and her husband were enjoying a quiet evening at home watching a movie on the television when a loud sound echoed outdoors. The noise was very alarming, and the couple assumed it was just some coyotes outside.

Ms. McDerment states that the sounds were getting louder and more painful, similar to a howling, screeching type of cry. Although Mr. McDerment was not feeling well, his wife grabbed a flashlight to take note of where the noise was originating. She was astonished to notice a local dog who was trapped in the ice of a local community pond in front of the Quechee Hollow Development condos. The dog, a Husky by the name of Kia, was terrified and trying desperately to get out of the frigid waters, but to no avail. With the spotlight on her, Ms. McDerment noted how the dog would try to climb out but fell repeatedly, and she quickly called 911. Kia attempted to get out to safety at least eight to ten times, which was devastating to watch until she finally stopped struggling.

Firefighters and Police gather to rescue and save Kia, the Husky dog

When rescuers arrived, they noted the dog was in danger and stuck in the ice about 20 feet from the shore in that small icy pond. The firefighters arrived just in time to save the life of Kia. Lieutenant David Shropshire of the Hartford Police Department and firefighter Wesley Black of the Hartford Fire Department believe that Kia was in the water for about 45 minutes.

As they had their cold water rescue suits on, Black entered the water and pulled the Husky out to safety. They wrapped her immediately in a thermal blanket and transported by Officer Tom Lyman to Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (SAVES) in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Kia’s owner was called and reunited with her canine best friend who is now doing well and expected to make a full recovery.

She reportedly broke the ice after going through the invisible fencing on her property. Ms. McDerment deflected any credit for the dog’s rescue, stating that it is the courageous efforts of the firefighters who got into the water and saved Kia. However, the fire and police declare that they are always happy to help and protect the people and pets of the community.