After two weeks of promotion, Republican leaders failed to convenience enough party members to buy into their heath care bill that they were forced to cancel the planned floor vote in the House of Representatives. In response, Donald Trump lashed out and issued an ultimatum, which was backed by his most supportive host on Fox News.

Hannity on health care

Starting during the early days of his campaign, Donald Trump has been engaged in a heated war of words with the media, which has only increased since his election win. Despite this, the former of "The Apprentice" has found a safe space on Fox News, especially with primetime host Sean Hannity.

Even when many Republicans pushed back and opposed Trump's candidacy, Hannity was their to offer his support and back Trump through thick and thin. Recently, the big fight within the Republican Party has been over health care. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have attempted to sell the American Health Care Act as the replacement for Obamacare, but many conservatives have opposed it, leading to a Thursday vote on the bill to be postponed. As seen during the March 23 edition of "Hannity" on Fox News, Sean Hannity was not pleased.

During his show on Thursday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity went off on Republicans in Congress for not standing by Donald Trump and supporting the new health care bill.

Hannity ripped into the legislative branch, accusing them of being "ill-prepared" on the issue of health care, stating, "They have now failed the president." Not stopping there, Hannity mocked Congress for their "embarrassingly low" approval rating of just under 21 percent, before adding, "It's time to fix this mess that you have made for the president."

Becoming visibly frustrated, Sean Hannity then called on Republicans to "serve" Donald Trump.

"For the love of God, after eight years can you please do your job? Can you please find a way to work together? Can you please find a way to serve your country, not yourselves, not your reelection?" Hannity asked, while adding, "It's time to serve your president and the people you represent."

Moving forward

After it was announced that the Republicans postponed their vote on the health care bill, Donald Trump threatened lawmakers that if they didn't vote for the bill on Friday, he would back away from negotiations and let Obamacare remain as the law on the books. As of press time, a vote is scheduled but it's unknown if the GOP has enough votes to move it to the Senate.