It is sad to see hundreds of Dogs roaming the streets, searching for food and seeking shelter. This is a problem and concern worldwide, and these animals would not have a chance if it weren’t for great people like Jami Richardson and the Life Animal Rescue in Los Angeles.

The efforts of the Life Animal Rescue (LAR)

Jami Richardson is a flight volunteer for the Life Animal Rescue in L. A. She boards planes to Thailand for a week trip, returning with several rescued street dogs. After her most recent trip, Jami saved ten dogs with hopes of putting them up for adoption and finding them forever loving homes.

The volunteer never flew internationally until on this journey but wanted to see the condition of the dogs’ habitat on the Bangkok streets.

Emily Bernie and her mother Laurie Bernie were the founders of the rescue organization. Along with helping local dogs stay off the streets and get adopted, the amazing women realized there is a bigger problem for dogs abroad. In the search to help other animals across the seas, the women called for flight volunteers to help. They do all the legwork and cover all cost to make the process easier. The dogs are not shipped as cargo but as excess baggage, to make the flight less stressful. LAR works with rescue organizations in Thailand who then have the dogs packed with papers in hand at their airport.

The volunteer arrives, checks in with the dogs and returns to LAX where they are picked up by Emily and her mom.

The journey of two extraordinary dogs

On her recent flight to rescue Thailand street dogs, Ms. Richardson came back with ten amazing dogs. Two of those special canines include Ruby and Strawberry. Ruby was rescued from the streets in Phuket and was one of two survivors of a litter that numbered six pups.

They were born under a temple where they were then abandoned, poisoned and suffering from a fatal case of parvovirus. Strawberry had a sexually transmitted cancer when she was found living on the streets of Bangkok. She required chemo when arriving in L. A. After both of these girls were on the mend and ready for adoption, it was a bittersweet moment for Jami who quickly bonded with them.

Both are lovable dogs although Ruby was a bit nervous, but the good news is that both dogs got the second chance at a good life that they deserve with loving families. Emily and the LAR are always on the lookout for more flight volunteers and animals they can help.