The life of livestock is unpredictable, and most are raised for the purpose of sales for slaughter and the food industry. Some cows can be raised on dairy farms to provide resources in the milk and dairy industry. Farmers are raising animals for food often bring their cows to livestock auction houses where they are sold to the highest bidder. Moonpie is a miniature cow who was rescued from such an auction by the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary, and she now lives a life of luxury with her new “brothers and sisters.”

About the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary

The Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary is located in Arkansas.

The founder of the organization is Janice Wolf who takes her life work seriously in saving and protecting animals. Wolf had a dream as a child to share her life with animals in need. As a result, this non-profit organization was born to be a "group home” for numerous needy animals, both domestic and exotic. She not only cares for the animals but has been involved in pet therapy work for 20 years. As part of her work, she recently went to a livestock auction house where she rescued Moonpie, an adorable miniature cow. Life for this little cow changed drastically for the better.

Moonpie, the miniature cow, thinks she’s a dog

After being rescued, Moonpie was brought home to live with twelve rescued dogs at the Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary.

Typically, cows would be kept outdoors with other livestock, but Moonpie was so small that Wolf felt she would be safer in the home. The weather was too torrential to co-exist among the other cows at the time of rescue. As a result, Janice kept her in her own bedroom, but all the dogs befriended the little cow, accepting her as “part of the family.”

She is just a baby, and it appears the dogs became her surrogate moms, cleaning her face and cuddling up with her.

Moonpie seems to have a special bond with Spackle who is a deaf bull terrier dog. They are inseparable. This story is a heartwarming, key example that animals can co-exist without prejudice, something that could be a message for humans in everyday life.