While some conspiracy theorists are still entertaining themselves with the notion that Vladimir Putin engineered the results of the last presidential election and that Donald Trump is a Manchurian Candidate, two gentlemen from Great Britain have loosed a plot to breakup California. Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, two of the purveyors of Brexit, are raising money to split California into two states, according to the UK Daily Mail. One would be a rural, more conservative East California and the other a costal, urban, ultra-left West California.

To be sure, California is one of the most dysfunctional states of the Union, dominated by a liberal elite, with a government addicted to spending, taxation, and regulation.

Businesses and even people are leaving the state in droves, not being able to afford to live in California any longer. California even has a serious secession movement, Calexit, which would make the state its own country and cause President Donald Trump to channel Abraham Lincoln.

The effort to split California into two states, which Farage and Banks are mischievously also calling “Calexit” to sow confusion, has little or no chance of winning. The same Liberal Elites who have run the state into the ground are not about to gift the Republicans with two more senators and however number of electoral votes East California would place in the GOP column.

The only way that the effort to split California into two states is if the legitimate Calexit were to be approved and the state actually then tried to secede from the Union.

The United States government would cut off the Confederate State of California’s oil, gas, electricity, and water and promote an armed revolt in the east to form a new state, much as West Virginia was extracted from Virginia, and then, when the CSC had become prostrate and under threat of invasion from Mexico, send in troops to restore order.

West California would be readmitted as a territory and would be flooded with carpetbaggers from Texas to loot it six ways from Sunday. Jerry Brown would be allowed to flee to Venezuela.

In any case, the Farage/Banks effort is an amusing way to cause dialogue and controversy, because we surely don’t have too much of the latter.