Studies reveal the health benefits and sense of contentment humans feel through Canine Companionship. A recent survey was conducted to determine if people feel that dogs make better companions than humans. The results were overwhelming and not too surprising to most animal lovers.

The benefits of canine companionship

It is a proven fact that people who own Dogs tend to live healthier lives. Dogs have a natural habit of sharing their love and affection with their humans, whether they are your pet or a therapy animal. They all seem to help improve your overall health by their presence.

Recent studies show that dogs bring out an inner sense of peace and serenity in their owners, reducing stress. Dog owners have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and better psychological health than humans without a dog. They can also ease loneliness for the elderly, help children with allergies, and release numerous “feel good” hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and prolactin within moments of cuddling and petting them. Owning a dog can indeed improve their owner’s state of mind. Being around a dog for companionship can help a person to focus on something pleasant rather than the ills or turmoil of everyday life. A dog can also help you to be a little more active and fit when engaging in regular daily walks and a friendly game of fetch.

Dogs tend to warrant your attention

If you are a dog lover and owner, it is hard to gaze into those big brown eyes and walk away without an outreach of affection. Then you feel that cool, wet nose nudging at you with tail wagging which symbolizes the extreme joy of your presence. Dogs are dedicated, and loyal companions with unconditional love and acceptance, which is something many cannot find in other people.

Dogs do not argue or disagree with you and are always available to offer fervent devotion and affection. They are more accepting within the family, and many humans are more trusting of their pets than some people, especially strangers. The connection between human and canine is undeniable and unlike any other.