The Northwest Love All animal rescue in Battle Ground, Washington is a non-profit, no-kill rescue organization that is owned and managed by Ms. Tracy Nichols. The NLAAR provides temporary shelter and solace to formerly abused, abandoned and neglected, orphaned animals. They remain at the facility under Ms. Nichols’ care until they can be adopted into loving, permanent homes. However, misfortune has hit the farm, and the animals need to be removed. Nichols was suddenly required to give up all the animals, but certainly not without a fight.

The Northwest Love All Animal Rescue farm was in financial distress

Tracy Nichols, who has been caring for the facility and the animals, suddenly suffered a debilitating injury, leaving her with less income and security. A fall at work and an auto accident left her disabled to work full time. As a result, the woman was unable to maintain payments on the 10-acre farm property in Battle Ground. She was facing foreclosure of the property and a dim future for more than 100 rescue animals. The NLAAR is now working diligently to find loving families for the numerous furry residents at the rescue. Nichols fears that some of the animals will have a harder time finding a home than others. The woman was forced to file for bankruptcy after she made several attempts to work with the bank to keep the farm rescue in operation.

Despite those efforts, Tracy was given several eviction notices to vacate the premises, but she continues to fight to keep her animals and the facility running.

Finding placement for the animals of the NLAAR

The Northwest Love All Animal Rescue farm sanctuary consisted of cats, dogs and a special pig with a unique gift of detecting when someone is going to have a seizure.

Other furry friends included horses and donkeys. Other animals included goats, chickens, geese, rabbits, ponies, and peacocks. It was not unusual for Nichols to take in tarantulas and lizards. The woman’s biggest concern is finding homes for the cats since there is such an overpopulation already. Ms. Nichols stated that it does break her heart that she can no longer save the rescue farm but she still wants to do her best to ensure all the animals find a loving, permanent home. You can find more information on available pets for adoption on the NW Northwest Love All Animal Rescue Facebook page. Although she can no longer provide for the rescue, she is still hoping all the animals find happy permanent homes.