The Republicans have moved one step closer to annihilating the nation’s planned parenthood organization that offers women family planning and abortion services. In an unsurprising move Vice-President Mike Pence cast his vote and broke the gridlock in the Senate; this now gives President Donald Trump the votes he needs to order states to cut funding to the medical facility.

Republicans demolished Barack Obama's abortion law

Pence forged tie-breaking vote in the Senate will now allow states to curtail the money received by the embattled organization and other health care establishments that allow women to have abortions.

Additionally, the historic vote will now give government facilities the power they need to brush aside the law that was signed by Barack Obama and the Democrats. The ex-President had signed the law that bans U.S. states from denying federal assistance to places that perform abortions.

Meanwhile, those who are aligned with groups that argued the right of a woman to end her pregnancy prematurely has seen the measure as a calculated blow. And many Planned Parenthood activists claimed they were expecting the challenge from the Republican President and his administration.

Mike Pence had tried many times to cut funds to Plan Parenthood

According to a report in USA Today, the votes were locked at 50-50 and needed a single vote to unlock the gridlock.

And reportedly, the VP, who is of the evangelical Christian faith had tried unsuccessfully many times in getting Planned Parenthood defunded from even as far back as when he was serving in the Congress. Additionally, the U.S. Vice-President is also the co-creator of “personhood,” a bill he co-wrote to aide in the pro-choice constitutional fight that life exists as soon as fertilization takes place.

Mike Pence during his tenure as the governor of Indiana signed multiple anti-abortion bills, including a contentious bill that would ban abortions if it was based solely on genetic abnormalities; however, a judge blocks the controversial legislation.

Notably, the legislative blow has revived marches across the United States by people who are protesting that it should be a mandate that women have the right to make their decision when it comes to their reproductive health care choices.