Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzennegar may be in the same political party, but that is the only thing they have in common. The ongoing Twitter feud between the President and the ex-governor/actor has recently made quite a few news headline.

Trump criticized Schwarzenegger for Apprentice low rating

The dispute started between the GOP politicians after Trump publicly criticized the low rating of the Apprentice show, which he boasted enjoyed a very high rating before he quits to focus solely on his presidential run. Schwarzenegger, who now runs the reality series fired back that Trump is the reason for the low ratings because he had stayed on as one of the executive directors.The actor also stated that since many voters disliked the President, they had stopped watching the show.

And for everyone who is familiar with the Twitter brawl between the two men can now enjoy another update on the infamous tweet war. The Terminator finally got his revenge! After Donald Trump's rating had hit rock bottom only 60 days in the Oval Office, the movie star took to Twitter and posted a video in which he taunts the President.

The video released by Schwarzenegger reflects on the President's dismal rating. At the beginning of the video, the actor reiterated that the ratings were in - and the President got swamped. California's ex-governor also questioned Trump about some of the programs that he had used his executive power to curtail. Two of the main topics that the actor questioned where the cuts in several public school programs as well as the meals on wheels program that the poor and elderly citizens depend on.

Trump’s approval had slipped to an all-time low of 37%

The Terminator actor even took the time out to remind Donald Trump that his rating was worse than his on the Apprentice show. Schwarzenegger quipped, “Wow. Now you’re in the thirties?”

And to add gas to the fire, this came on the heels of a devastating report from the FBI Director James Comey Jr., who under oath had testified that Donald Trump's wiretapping claim against ex-President Barack Obama was completely fabricated.

Schwarzenneger had grasped the opportunity to get even with the Potus. However, President Trump is renowned for his early morning Twitter rants - so watch out everyone. This show isn't over until the fat lady sings! So, for now, we will all wait for the President to get on his favorite social media platform and dismantle the Terminator.