Oh, the things we will do to enhance what we were already born with! Sometimes we'll nip - tuck - cut and even suction. And while a few of us are blessed with huge derrières like Jennifer Lopez, the rest of us have to pay a tidy sum to get rumored surgical enhancements like Nicky Minaj and the bootylicious Kim Kardashian.

New mom dislikes post-pregnancy body

A new mom from Kansas City was very frustrated with her body after giving birth to her daughter a year ago, so she flew down to Miami after contacting a plastic surgeon through an advert that was posted on Facebook.

But, little did the young mother, Ranika Hall knew that the Brazilian Butt Lift she had paid $3,500 dollars to get done would be the most expensive price she would ever have to pay. It ended up costing her life!

Hall's family told NBC Miami that in spite of their objections, she left her young daughter in their care and boarded a flight in a quest of achieving her once gorgeous figure before she got pregnant.

The Brazilian butt lift, is a process used to transfer fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks, it had over time became an increasingly popular trend — especially after celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian flaunt their over-sized butts on national television and social media platforms.

The ultimate cost of plastic surgery

The young mother was ready to have the surgery that would sculpt and enlarge her buttocks so she booked her appointment with Eres plastic surgery. Not to mention, the butt-lift special was ideally priced at $3,500.00.

However, on the day of the surgery, Dr. Daniel Calva was just about done when Hall suddenly stopped breathing.Emergency officials, who arrived at the scene pronounced her dead and her cause of death was listed as a fat embolism.

The Hialeah police have launched an investigation into Hall's death. Several reports received by the news station highlighted that the clinic had changed several owners within a decade. The death of another woman is also being investigated — a mother of two children who went to the same facility to get the same procedure done.