CNN just showed a video from September, of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. In the video, Flynn said that the only people who seek immunity are those who are guilty. Earlier today the Associated Press announced that Michael Flynn himself is asking for immunity. Flynn's lawyer issued a statement saying that the General has a story to tell, and wants to tell it. If granted immunity he will not be prosecuted for any information he shares.

What does Michael Flynn know?

General Flynn has been in talks with intelligence committees from both the House and the Senate.

He came under scrutiny because he lied under oath about his contact with Russian officials. In spite of Flynn's comments regarding seeking immunity and guilt, Republicans interviewed by Anderson Cooper say that asking for immunity does not necessarily indicate one is guilty

Former Obama Senior Advisor David Axelrod told Anderson Cooper that Flynn was one of the top advisers to President Trump. He said this is a bad news day for the White House and President Trump. The Senate intelligence committee at this point has given no response. The house intelligence committee says they have not received a request from the general for immunity. Even so, according to former prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin, immunity does not protect against perjury.

Flynn knows all but will he tell all

Flynn's lawyer emphasized that his client is not so much concerned about having anything to hide. He is seeking immunity because of the political climate in the nation right now. The nature of the testimony has not been stated. It's not known if it is regarding Russia or another issue. Press secretary Sean Spicer indicated that the White House has no official comment at this time.

It is interesting that Michael Flynn once led the chants of "Lock her up, lock her up" regarding Hillary Clinton. Now he may be facing the same fate, which he wished on the former Secretary of State. If there is information that proves collusion with Russia, General Flynn will be the man who knows all. The question is, will he tell all?