You often see videos and photos online that highlights some of the cutest things Dogs do for their owners on a daily basis. People make comments and share those adorable antics with others to enhance the life of other animal lovers. Recent studies show that many of those amusing and endearing behaviors could be signs of a health issue for your pet.

Be aware of cute dog behaviors that may be a red flag for their health

There are numerous adorable and what seems to be harmless, fun antics that dogs do in front of their humans that are perceived as cute and laughable.

The fact is that many of these behaviors can raise red flags related to health issues for your pet. Some of those amusing dog actions are described below.


People often laugh at their dog when scooting their butts along the floor but this behavior is indeed not normal for your pet, especially if repeatedly done. In addition to scooting, you may witness your dog licking the perianal area. The common cause of the scooting can be due to impacted or infected anal sacs. The anal sacs produce an extremely foul secretion that is an identification for dogs although it is offensive to people. If these sacs are not emptied through normal defecation, they can get clogged and become a troubling problem, needing veterinary attention.

Rubbing of the dog's face on owner

While this seems like a sign of affection, repeated behavior can signify an irritation of the eyes or ears. There may also be something lodged within the pet’s mouth or teeth. In addition to rubbing on you, your dog may also rub on furniture, the carpet or use their own paws. There is always a reason for the rubbing and should not go unattended.

Kicking of the foot when scratching your dog

This is typical behavior for many dogs. If such scratching is occasional, it may just be a minor itch, however excessive scratching could signify a concern for parasites like fleas. Part your dog’s hair to check for any tiny black specks. To ensure your dog is parasite-free, engage in a flea and tick preventative regimen and avoid the irritation these pests can cause.

Contact your vet for best options.

Chasing of the tail

Again, very common in dogs, especially puppies. This adorable behavior always makes owners laugh. But tail chasing can signify some critical issues like pain, dermatological issues or a spinal abnormality, just to name a few of the concerns. If your dog chases its tail frequently, it may be no laughing matter.


This cute behavior is most often witnessed with puppies who want to play. If done so as part of a recreation, it may just mean the dog is happy and is looking to you for attention but when done during rest periods, which could be a red flag. Your dog may be experiencing abdominal pain such as pancreatitis. It is never normal when your dog is bowing when trying to rest.

When should you seek veterinary attention to help your dog?

Of course, you love your dog(s), and it is not uncommon to witness behaviors that make you smile in amusement. As an educated pet owner, it is important that you can determine whether these are fun antics or red flags that signify health concerns. An occasional fun behavior is just that, but if the actions are excessive and repeated, consult with your veterinarian to ensure it is nothing serious. It is always better to be safe than sorry for a happy, healthy pet.