Dogs that find their home in a shelter lead a sad and lonely life unless they find a forever home. In some of these facilities, the dog’s days are numbered, and many end up being put down for no apparent reason other than lack of space. A young woman allegedly goes to a Texas shelter to rescue more than 100 dogs, but their outlook was not in the best interest of the animals.

The rescue of 100 dogs from Fort Worth, Texas animal shelter

Ms. Whitney Smither who lives in Horatio, Arkansas made a trip to rescue more than 100 dogs from an animal shelter in Fort Worth, Texas.

After bringing the animals to Arkansas, they apparently were not getting proper care. Authorities were alerted about the nearly 200 dogs on the premises, only to discover the dogs were abandoned and several of the canines were found dead. Smither’s boyfriend, Brian Moore allegedly shot eight dogs. He justifies killing the dogs, claiming that they were either infected with heartworms or posed a threat to other animals, humans, and livestock in the area. They shootings took place after Smither abandoned the dogs and left Arkansas. Moore is facing multiple charges of Animal cruelty. Smither has not yet been charged but is a suspect in the cruelty investigation. According to news reports, she has fled to Indiana.

The Ark-La-Tex-Animal Rescue group

Some of the animals brought to this Arkansas home are also unaccounted for, and the Ark-La-Tex-Animal Rescue group is reaching out to the public in finding and saving as many of the dogs as possible.

The organization reached out to all transporters, fosters, rescue community, friends, volunteers and any family on social media. Their goal was to contact anyone that may have kind of information that would lead to the whereabouts of any of the 200 animals that ended up in the possession of Brian Moore and Whitney Smither between the dates of April 2016 and November 2016. People familiar with the situation is asked to check all old texts, messages, Facebook posts and receipts, anything and everything that may be of help in resolving the fate of these 200 dogs.