After her teenage daughter was arrested in Florida for Underage Drinking, a mother sent a thank-you note to the Florida Sheriff's Office. Sometimes when a child is arrested, the parents lash out at the police and not their own child. This incidence was different. This gesture was so unusual that the sheriff posted the note on Facebook.

Teen arrested

The teen was arrested in Florida for underage drinking. Because of her age and privacy of the family, the name of the girl and the name of her mother are not revealed. Sherriff Michael Adkinson Jr. received the note at the Walton County Sheriff's Office.

Part of the mother's note thanked the arresting officer for scaring the hell out of her daughter and for being so nice to her during the arrest. Even though he arrested her, the officer was nice to her in the process. The mother concluded by saying she hopes the arrest has taught her daughter a lesson.

Other then thanking the officer for being nice to her daughter, the mother said that police officers get such a bad rap these days that she wanted to let them know that arresting her daughter was the right thing to do. She indicated that she had warned her daughter about drinking. The mother is hoping that this has made such an impact on her daughter that she will act differently.

Drinking with fake ID

Public Information Officer Corey Dobridnia told Fox 10 that last week was Spring Break in Florida. The teen and several others were arrested on March 15 for drinking on the beach. The Walton County Sherriff's Office said there is a zero tolerance policy in place for underage drinking. The 19-year-old girl was arrested for drinking beer and for giving the arresting officer a fake ID.

Even though more than one teen was arrested, only one mother sent a note to the Sheriff's Office. Dobridnia spoke for the department by saying that they are not trying to ruin the lives of kids but to protect them from hurting themselves. The Sheriff's Office thanked the mother for writing the note and for supporting the department after the arrest.