On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted out that he wanted his supporters to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro's show on Fox News. When Pirro kicked off her program by calling for the resignation of House Speaker Paul Ryan, questions were quickly raised as to whether or not it was a cryptic message being sent out by the president.

Trump on Fox News

After Republicans were unable to unify and get a vote off the ground on their health care reform bill known as the American Health Care Act, backlash quickly followed. The GOP was clearly split, with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan supporting the bill, while the more conservative members of the Freedom Caucus stood in hard-line opposition.

In response, the former host of "The Apprentice" first blamed Democrats for not giving their support of the bill, before lashing out on more than one occasion at the Freedom Caucus. Follow-up reports have also claimed that the president has privately put partial blame on Ryan, as well as his Chief of Staff Reince Priebus. After Trump tweeted for his supporters to watch Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night, she quickly ripped into Ryan and called on him to step down from his leadership roll. These issues were discussed during the March 26 edition of "Fox News Sunday."

Joining Fox News host Chris Wallace was Reince Priebus who was pressed on the timing of Donald Trump's tweet in relation to Jeanine Pirro's message.

After playing a clip of Pirro's program, Wallace directly asked Priebus "does the president want Paul Ryan to resign as Speaker?" In response, the chief of staff came to the defense of the president.

"First of all, I will go on record that we do love Judge Jeanine and so does the president," Reince Priebus said, before claiming, "I think it was more coincidental." "Oh, come on!" Wallace fired back in amazement.

Priebus went on to state that "there was no pre-planning here" and that Trump "loves Judge Jeanine and he wanted to do Judge Jeanine a favor." When asked point blank if Trump wanted Paul Ryan removed as speaker, Priebus finally answered the question, responding, "no."

GOP trouble

While the White House attempts to paint a better picture over their latest failure, the problems behind the scenes in regards to health care have been well-documented. Whether or not there is a rift between Donald Trump and Republican leadership is yet to be seen, but it doesn't appear that the party is as unified as they hoped to be on many issues.