Mike Pence is currently under fire after a matter of public record revealed the Vice President used a private email account when he was conducting business related to being the governor of the State Of Indiana. The biggest concern many are having with this latest revelation is how incredibly easy it is to hack private email servers. Did Mike Pence put the state of Indiana at risk when he was the governor? Is he currently putting the U.S. at risk as the Vice President?

The White House claims he did nothing wrong

It didn’t take long for a spokeswoman from the White House to release an official statement regarding Vice President Mike Pence.

The spokeswoman claims Pence did nothing wrong and followed the “letter of the law” in regards to the way he conducted himself as the governor of the state of Indiana. It was the Indianapolis Star that first reported the emails showing that Pence had used his personal AOL account to discuss homeland security matters while he was the governor.

Pence has been the victim of email hacking before

Perhaps the biggest reason why some are concerned as to whether or not Pence is going to compromise U.S. security is because he has already had an email security issue in the past. Last Spring his personal AOL account because the victim of an email phishing scheme. All of Pence’s contacts received an email from his email address claiming he and his wife were stranded and needed someone to send them money to come home.

For obvious reasons, the fact that Mike Pence become the victim of an email hack on the very same email accounts he uses to conduct government related business – including talking about homeland security – has people concerned. Do Americans have to worry about Pence compromising their safety?

Marc Lotter – a spokesperson to Mike Pence – claimed comparing the Vice President to the time Mrs.

Clinton’s email got hacked was “absurd” because Pence did not discuss classified information in his private emails. Lotter went on to reassure everyone that Pence – as the Vice President of the United States – has moved on to a more secure email account. He claims Pence would never use his private AOL account to conduct business related to being the Vice President.

Should people be concerned about how Mike Pence conducts business via email? Should it be concerning that he was the victim of an email hacking scam? Share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.