Following in the footsteps of President Donald Trump, many of his advisors have also been hit with a constant stream of controversy. Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway is at the top of that list, but recently attempted to clarify her remarks.

Conway on politics

After it was uncovered that Paul Manafort had financial ties to Russia, he quickly resigned as campaign manager for Donald Trump and was replaced by Kellyanne Conway. In the months that followed, Conway would become one of the leading voices for the campaign, which she helped win the election last November in a shocking upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

However, since the inauguration, Conway has stumbled, getting caught in compromising situations on more than one occasion. From her use of the term "alternative facts," to being mocked for citing the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre," Conway has become a political target. As seen during an interview with CBS "This Morning" on March 3, Conway made even more questionable remarks.

Joining co-host Norah O'Donnell for an interview that will air in its entirety on Sunday morning, Kellyanne Conway used an interesting term to describe why many women don't run for politics.

"It’s not just the fire in your belly anymore, you have to have the bile in your throat," Conway said of running for office, before later adding, "This is why I think many women don't' run for office." When O'Donnell pushed for an explanation, Conway replied, "Just to swallow so much as the country looks at you through this lense."

Conway on the Oscars

Kellyanne Conway also addressed the issue of her now infamous term "alternative facts," which she tried to deflect onto the recent blunder at the Academy Awards.

"It was alternative information and additional facts," Conway explained, before noting that her use of the term simply got "conflated." "I see mistakes on TV every single day and people just brush them off," she continued, while adding ,"It's just so funny that the wrong movie was, you know, heralded as the winner of the Oscars."

Moving forward

Kellyanne Conway's blunders became so frequent that she was pulled from doing cable news interviews for a week due to being at odds with White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

After the news broke that the White House had banned her from appearing on cable news, Conway quickly appeared for an interview with Fox News host Sean Hanniity, though she hasn't made frequent appearances on other cable networks as of press time.