Hunter Biden is reportedly separated from his current wife, Kathleen and has publicly announced his love for his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden. According to NBC, Hunter stated that the couple is “incredibly lucky” to have found love with each other, during what is a difficult time for both of them. The former Delaware attorney general, Beau Biden died as the result of brain cancer back in May 2015. It is reportedly unclear whether Hunter and his wife Kathleen, with whom he shares three children, Finnegan, Maisy and Naomi, are planning to file for divorce.

Keeping it in the Biden family

Reportedly the former VP and his wife are happy for them and have offered their “full and complete support” for the union. NBC notes that Hunter has battled with drug problems during his adult life and they theorize that love may be a cure for these problems.

The Biden family gives Hunter and Hallie its full support in the relationship

Irish Central quotes Hunter as saying he and Hallie are lucky to have the support of friends and family “every step of the way.” Joe Biden, who married his current wife Jill after the death of his first wife in a car crash, thoroughly approves of their new relationship, saying the whole family is lucky that Hunter and Hallie have found each other.

Hallie reportedly has two children with Beau, Hunter and Natalie. As for Kathleen, reportedly so far there is no news on how she feels about the new relationship.

According to the New York Daily News, Hunter was previously suspected of infidelity a few years ago and his name reportedly appeared among many leaked by the Ashley Madison hacking scandal.

However, according to Hunter, the account was not his and he said someone else had been using his name on the dating site.

Joe Biden may run for the U.S. presidency in 2020

Joe Biden has said he may have run for president in the recent elections, however, the death of his son Beau had “shattered” him. Biden says he might still run for the presidency in 2020, even though he will be 78 by that time. However, Irish Central does note that he is in fine physical shape for his age.