"Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. Every problem can be solved. And every hurting family can find healing and hope." President Trump's address was a message of hope, a message filled with optimism. He announced that a "new chapter of American greatness is now beginning" and called upon all Americans, Democrat and Republican, to work together.

A portion of the American people heard that vision of optimism. The very next day, the stock market soared 300 points and closed about 21,000 for the first time. Trump's optimistic rhetoric had definite broad targets - though he disclosed few to no details on the path to success.

America as a world leader

Repeated often in many different ways, President Trump called on the United States to be not only a world leader, but to be first among peers. He spoke about reducing the trade deficit, about creating the means to ensure that corporations select America as home for new business and industry, and about focusing spending more on infrastructure at home rather than on challenges and problems abroad. He outlined no details on the means to those ends, but repeatedly stressed the importance of America in becoming not only a great nation, but the greatest of all.

With Americans working together

Multiple times throughout his speech, Trump called for bi-partisanship, asking Republicans and Democrats to work together.

He sought joint efforts in job creation, immigration, health care overhaul and more. The Republicans applauded and praised his attempts to reach out to the other side. The Democrats - though may be willing to work together with their fellow Senators and Representatives in the future - did not agree, applaud, or rise in support at any time during the nearly one hour speech.

As the speech ended, though the POTUS was bullish on the need for bi-partisan diplomacy, it was clear that his message was reaching only one side of the room. To the Democrats' credit, Trump offered no details on how such bi-partisanship was going to happen. No details on job creation. No details on immigration. No details on health care.

In the end, the greatest takeaways from Trump's speech are that he is optimistic, that the Republicans are resolute in supporting their President, that the Democrats are the same in supporting their party, and the we, the American people, are in the same place we were all along - no closer and no farther away from success and harmony than we were before.