Not long after he kicked off his campaign for president, Donald Trump quickly took advantage of social media. Trump was able to instantly communicate with millions of potential voters, despite backlash for his controversial comments, including criticism from Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden on Trump

No politician has used Twitter in the way Donald Trump has been able to over the last year and a half. While the billionaire real estate mogul has found success and was able to win the election, that hasn't stopped critics and political opponents for speaking out against his rants.

Whether it's taking shots at celebrities like Alec Baldwin and the cast of "Saturday Night Live," or his denial of being linked back to Russia and President Vladimir Putin, Trump doesn't look to be slowing down his social media use anytime soon. As seen during the January 13 edition of "The View" on ABC, Joe Biden has a few words for the president-elect about his Twitter habit.

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Joining the ladies of "The View" was Joe Biden, who didn't hold back his thoughts on the election and Donald Trump. "When a guy tweets in the middle of the night, continuously, does he understand the gravity of what he is doing," co-host Joy Behar asked. "It's not healthy," Biden responded, in a calm, but direct attack on Trump's social media habit.

(Biden on Trump's Twitter habit.)

On what concerns him the most about the new president, Joe Biden expressed his worry over Donald Trump continuing to dismiss and bad mouth the United States intelligence committee.

"What worries me most is, he's taken just far, I hope he doesn't mean it, the crown jewel of American security is our intelligence community," Biden said. "To diss them and dismiss them really plays into Russia's hand, which is the hand they are playing, and Mr. Putin's playing," Biden noted.

(Biden on his biggest fear of Trump.)

Moving forward

In just one week, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will leave Washington, D.C.

and be replaced by Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The change of the guard marks a drastic shift in future United States policy, both foreign and domestic, and has caused backlash among many on the left. With Trump being sworn into office next Friday, over 100,000 protesters are expected to be in attendance as they voice their opposition to the incoming administration.