America has always been touted as the land of opportunity where millions of people from different parts of the world give up their livelihood and migrate to what they call greener pastures. Not surprisingly, when people in the United States talk about immigrants, they are referring to people who were born outside of the U.S.A., most of whom changed allegiance from their native lands to become naturalized American citizens, with pride.

Many Americans fleeing to Canada and New Zealand

However, after the triumphant win of Donald J. Trump in the recently concluded general election, the word immigrating had taken on a totally new meaning with many Americans absconding to other parts of the world even as far away as New Zealand.

According to a report in the Associated Press, the number of Americans applying and obtaining citizenship in other countries has spiked within the first twelve weeks of the Republican nominee winning the November 8th election.

The unexpected turn of event highlights that the pendulum has swung in the other direction, which is very unusual since the United States boasts one of the largest economies in the world with over 350 million people. Additionally, several of the major search engines have reported a 70% rise in internet queries for the search term “how to migrate to Canada."

But while New Zealand is over 6,000 miles away from the United States there are more U.S. citizens applying for citizenship as well as work visas for that country.

The shift has been largely made by people who already have a parent/parents with New Zealand citizenship, or those who are trying to lay the groundwork to eventually become legal citizens.

Many U.S. citizens seek New Zealand citizenship

New Zealand is now boasting a higher than usual number of U.S. tourist that have visited the country since November of last year, according to its tourism minister.

But while the country may not be as rich as the United States of America, it boasts some of the most beautiful landscape in the world and is also a far cry from big city living and all the crime and problems that come along with that.

The peaceful country has a population of just about 4 million people, with a livelihood based on its farming communities. However, it definitely could use the expertise of these skilled Americans to help develop it. Either way, many people from the United States of America are certainly making the transition.