Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean accused White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer of "lying" on behalf of his boss, President Donald Trump. Shortly before the scheduled press briefing, the news release came out that the Senate Intelligent Committee through its leaders, GOP Chairman Richard Burr and Dem Vice Chairman Sen. Mark Warner, said there was "no evidence" former President Obama ordered "wiretapping" and/or "surveillance" against Donald Trump during the presidential election (or after).

WH Press Secretary Spicer showed up for his daily press briefing more than an hour late, a stalling tactic to better prepare for the onslaught of questions about Trump's 'wiretap' charge against President Barack Obama.

To further stall the press, Mick Mulvaney, Office of Management and Budget Director, made a statement about the budget and then answered questions about some of the more controversial portions of the budget document.

Governor Howard Dean appeared on MSNBC on Thursday following the press briefing and he charged that Spicer is part of the "Trump modus operandi" of Donald Trump over the years, in which he does not admit anything, even a blatant lie. Governor Dean classed the Spicer performance at the press briefing as delivering "fake news" and part of this method of never giving up and never admitting you are wrong, even if it means "lying" to defend that position.

Governor Howard Dean warns: 'Do not lie to the press'

Governor Dean warned it is not wise and does not work when the press is "lied" to. “Do not lie to the press,” Dean said.

When the press is "lied to" they are "deeply offended". Dean added "That’s what Spicer’s doing on behalf of the President. It’s not helping the President.”

It was on Thursday that WH Press Secretary Spicer had many heated exchanges with the White House press corps, including the first question from ABC's Jonathan Karl, which was about the "no evidence" finding of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

That is when Spicer went off. At one point, Spicer accused the media of perpetuating a "false narrative" about Trump ties to Russia. Even so, the matter is being investigated by several Congressional committees and the FBI.