It's no secret that Donald Trump is not in the good graces of many Hollywood celebrities. For "Star Trek" actor George Takei, he didn't hold back his thoughts of the president during a multiple-tweet rant that lasted 24 hours.

Takei on Twitter

When Donald Trump first announced his plan to run for president, he quickly came under fire for referring to illegal immigrants from Mexico as "rapists" and "murderers." Since that time, the more liberal Hollywood has pushed back at the former host of "The Apprentice," with many using their popularity on social media to voice their opposition to the president.

While there are many who speak out against Trump on a daily basis, George Takei is at the top of the list. As seen on his Twitter account on March 16, Takei engaged on a series of blistering tweets against the president.

Starting during Donald Trump's rally on Wednesday night, George Takei lashed out on Twitter. "At rally in TN, Trump takes dig at Hillary while supporters chant "Lock her up!,'" Takei wrote, while adding, "In other news, it's no longer 2016, and Trump is an idiot." Takei then shifted his focus onto the White House's proposed budget and potential ties to Russia.

"Someone should just claim they have Trump's 2015 taxes to see if the White House comes out in advance and explains all that Russian money," he noted.

Takei on "Muslim ban"

When the news came out that a federal judge in Hawaii had blocked Trump's revised travel ban, George Takei also chimed in.

"It's somewhat poetic that a judge from the state which issued Obama's birth certificate slammed the door on Trump's Muslim Ban," he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, Takei then added, "Trump's Muslim Ban just lost again, with a MD fed judge this a.m. joining the judge in HI last night to block enforcement of key portions."

"Justin Trudeau took Ivanka to 'Come From Away'--a play about town welcoming foreigners--hours after Muslim ban struck," George Takei pointed out, concluding, "Troll level: MASTER." After many supporters of the president called to boycott Hawaii, Takei made sure to give his take.

"I'm sure #BoycottHawaii will go as well as #BoycottHamilton, #BoycottStarbucks and #BoycottStarWars went," he wrote.

Not stopping there, George Takei continued his thoughts on the block of the travel block. "The rulings halting Muslin Ban 2.0 illustrate that discriminatory intent can hide behind facially neutral words," he wrote, stating, "They're on to you, Donald."

Takei's closes

In his final tweet as of press time, George Takei decided to speak out against the White House's plan on health care.

Takei linked to an article from Vox that said a close friend of Donald Trump is pushing the commander in chief to ditch the GOP health care plan, and go with a universal single-payer system, with the actor also adding his own comment. "Trump could just ditch the GOP plans altogether and go with health coverage for all--which is what he campaigned on," he wrote. Takei sent that tweet out shortly before 9 p.m., which was nearly 24 hours after his social media post from the previous night.