The news broke this week that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is now in a romantic relationship with his dead brother, Beau’s widow Hallie Biden. Since then, Kathleen Biden, from whom Hunter is currently separated, went to the media with the news that he had squandered the family’s money on drugs, alcohol and prostitutes, and that he had generally been unfaithful to her during their marriage.

Hunter Biden turning the tables on his wife

According to Page Six, Hunter is now turning the tables in the divorce papers, by demanding Kathleen produce proof of her own infidelity, including cards, notes, letters and emails from any person Kathleen had a sexual or romantic relationship with, other than her husband, during their marriage.

Hunter still reportedly blames Kathleen for the breakup of their marriage, saying it has all been caused by her kicking him out of the home. This, despite the fact that he has reportedly been in a relationship with his sister-in-law, Hallie, for a year.

Money and custody are issues in the Biden split

With Kathleen wanting sole custody of the couple’s 16-year-old daughter Maisy, along with saying the family is short of money (with Hunter having squandered so much), the divorce will not be an easy one. Financially, Kathleen wants to limit Hunter to an allowance of $5,000 a month, but she is demanding in return that she and their 3 daughters receive a $20,000 allowance each month.

However, Hunter’s lawyer, Sarah Mancinelli, has countered Kathleen’s demands in the court papers, saying Mrs. Biden is a college-educated person, quite capable of working and earning a living to support her children.

However, with the fact that Hunter has so publicly become involved with his former sister-in-law (Beau’s widow) this could have an effected on what will be very public proceedings. It is interesting to note that People reported Friday that prior to Beau’s death, Kathleen and Hallie were apparently close friends. They quoted Kathleen as telling the Washingtonian magazine in 2013 that the pair would get their hair done together and put their makeup on together, with all the kids running around them, while getting ready for celebrations and events.