The counting of the Assembly votes in the biggest Indian State Uttar Pradesh started at 08.00 AM IST on March 11, 2017, and the results will decide the fate of reigning Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav who took charge just a few months back.

The huge number of Indian residents in the US are looking forward to the results in their respective states.

Election results final results:

Uttar Pradesh

  • BJP - 325
  • SP/Cong - 54
  • BSP 19

Punjab leads:

  • Congress - 77
  • Akali/BJP - 22
  • AAP - 18

Uttarakhand leads:

  • BJP - 57
  • Congress - 11

Goa leads

  • Congress + 18
  • BJP + - 14

In UP, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has single-handedly lifted the hope of the BJP from the depths of despair, and the results which will come out tomorrow will be the output of his recent reforms which include the controversial demonetization decision.

Will Aam Aadmi Party extend its National Footprints?

The Election Results in Uttar Pradesh are crucial for a new party like Aam Aadmi which is trying to expand its clutches in the National Politics. The Exit Poll surveys conducted by various agencies have predicted the triumph of AAP and Congress in Punjab, but their chances in UP is pretty low, as tough battle is going on between SP and BJP.

Even though Congress has made an alliance with SP in this election, it will not benefit them in any manner considering the current political scenario.

As Narendra Modi too became a part of the election campaigns, BJP has an upper hand during the time of polling.

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Congress almost out of the picture

The Indian National Congress is facing the threat of their lifetime, as they are losing their National significance as time passes by. The poor leadership of Rahul Gandhi has created internal tiffs between many National leaders, and this will negatively impact their chances in the UP elections.

As a leader, Rahul Gandhi is failing continuously to make an impact in the minds of Congress followers, and many state officials are now reportedly aiming to contact the high command to remove Rahul from the leadership.

A total of 402 constituencies in Uttar Pradesh and the party which gets 202 seats will get the majority to form a Government. Many exit poll reports predict that BJP alone will win more than 280 seats which will make them the largest party in the legislative.