Donald Trump is not just a wealthy man but is also unorthodox and is fond of a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, when he wants a vacation, he opts for an exclusive private member's club like the Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida which is also known as the "winter White House." The President has visited it a number of times after occupying the chair.

Sky News reports that there are no official figures available for the costs incurred to protect him but, an estimate suggests that each of his visits to Mar-a-Lago comes out to around $3M – and it is the taxpayer’s money.

In comparison, the total travel expenses of former president Barack Obama was an average of just over $12M for each year he held office. Both estimates are by the same agency.

Moreover, there is apprehension about not just the additional costs involved but also other aspects of security coverage as was seen during sensitive discussions between he and Japan's Shinzo Abe. The talks were held in full view of the diners present and the security apparatus had to rise to the occasion.

Expenses to protect Trump's family

The President’s wife Melania and son Barron occupy Trump Tower in Manhattan and they get round the clock protection. A spokesperson from the NYPD has revealed to Sky News that when it comes to protecting the first lady and her son, the cost is in the region of $146,000 per day, with an additional $4.5 million per year for the fire department.

Security cover for grown up children

Security cover is extended to both Trump's sons, and this has been questioned by some critics who argue that when Trump’s sons travel abroad, they do so to make money for companies owned by Donald Trump and should not get security cover.

However, the fact remains that the Secret Service is duty-bound to protect the immediate family of the president as well as the vice president.

It has been done for past presidents like Barack Obama and George W Bush. Obama had his favorite vacation spots at Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii, George W. Bush had his ranch in Texas, and Donald Trump has Mar-a-Lago.