According to police, Donald Winkler of Merrick, Long Island, was upset with the quality of attention he was receiving at the Nassau University Medical Centre. Reportedly the 83-year-old suffers from breathing problems and heart issues.

As Winkler was not happy with the care he was receiving; he decided to check himself out of the Hospital. When he walked outside at around 1 pm he found an ambulance with the engine still running in the parking lot, so he hopped in and drove off. According to authorities, the senior man drove the ambulance to a 7-Eleven store, located three miles away.

When police tracked Winkler down at the 7-Eleven, he reportedly admitted he had stolen the ambulance.

Ambulance thief arrested and returned to hospital

As reported by NBS News, Winkler was arrested and then taken back to the hospital for medical evaluation. The Long Island man was then reportedly arraigned at his bedside. The elderly man is now facing a charge of second-degree grand larceny for his deeds. According to various reports, it is unknown if Winkler has an attorney.

Neighbor speaks about the 83-year-old

According to ABC News, neighbors had said they took Winkler to visit a doctor last week as he has problems with his heart and with breathing. They said Winkler’s family had told him, due to his condition, not to drive the vehicle he has parked at his home.

However, he reportedly ignores this advice as he enjoys being independent.

His neighbor, a lady, named Marie, said of the ambulance incident that he must have wanted to get home so bad. Marie added that Winkler had been her neighbor for more than 30 years, adding that he is a good man who spent a lot of years in the military.

As for the ambulance? Apparently, authorities have said the paramedic who left the ambulance running, with its keys in the ignition, is responsible for the vehicle being driven away. However, officials did say it is a relatively common thing to leave the ambulance engine running when dropping a patient off at the hospital.