Yadira Arroyo, 44, and Monique Williams, 31, were responding to a call in Soundview about a pregnant woman on Thursday at around 7:10 p.m. Anis Nagi, 40, a witness to the incident, said he and other pedestrians flagged down the EMTs’ ambulance after spotting a man riding on the back of the vehicle. The joyrider turned out to be one Jose Gonzalez, 25.

As reported by the New York Daily News, after being spotted riding on the ambulance, Gonzalez jumped off and then attempted to steal a backpack from a passerby. The EMTs spotted this and pulled over to assist.

This is where things went wrong. According to Nagi, a female EMT left the vehicle, leaving the ambulance door open. Gonzalez appeared to be walking away from the scene, but he changed his mind and, passing Arroyo, climbed into the driver’s seat of the ambulance. As both Arroyo and Williams struggled with the man, from both sides of the vehicle, Gonzalez threw the ambulance into reverse, knocking down Arroyo.

According to Nagi, he reversed so hard that she was dragged and Gonzalez then ran her over. Arroyo, a 14-year veteran of the FDNY, was taken to the Jacobi Medical Center where she passed away. Her fellow EMT, Williams, was reportedly treated for minor injuries.

After Daniel Nigro, FDNY Commissioner met with Arroyo and Williams’ families at the medical center he said in a statement that the two FDNY EMTs were acting bravely and they would have wanted to continue on their way to the pregnant woman.

Graphic video released of the incident with the FDNY EMTs

Video released of the incident shows the ambulance backing into a taxi before suddenly lurching forward with the driver’s door open, cutting across the traffic. The footage shows the FDNY EMT being dragged under the wheels of the ambulance for around 15 feet. Reportedly the vehicle then turned into Watson Avenue and hit the sidewalk and a parked car.

Officials say Arroyo’s body was found to be lying in the middle of the street.

Gonzalez has a criminal record

According to a police source, Jose Gonzalez already has an extensive criminal record.

Reportedly Daniel McCabe, a passing MTA Officer, along with a group of civilians on the street, tackled Gonzalez and, as stated by police, the man was talking to himself and was reportedly incoherent. He was taken into custody to be questioned at the 43rd precinct, where, according to NBC New York, he has been charged with murder and grand larceny, as well as operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs.