President Donald Trump and the Republican party were dealt a major blow on Friday. The POTUS was unable to fulfill his campaign promise to dismantle Obamacare altogether. The proposal to repeal and replace The affordable care act had died before it hit the house floor.

A number of Americans gave testimonies at town hall meetings, about the benefits of the ACA. Even so, President Trump and members of the Republican party forged ahead. They were determined to completely overhaul the Insurance plan set in place, by Commander in Chief number 44. This massive defeat by the Republicans is being hailed as a victory by Democrats.

And U.S. citizens who did not want Obamacare replaced are elated.

The President's response

When interviewed, President Trump said the best thing Republicans can do politically, is stepping back and let Obama care fall apart on its own. On CNN's "New Day Saturday," Jack Kingston interpreted the President's words to mean that the problems with the Affordable Care Act will cause it to unravel all by itself.

Christy Paul and Victor Blackwell emphasized that Obama Care is a law. And that the President is obligated to uphold the law. Lynn Sweet, from the Chicago Times, said it would be irresponsible of President Trump just to sit back and allow the ACA to fail apart.

What the future holds

President Trump was confident that he could keep his campaign promise.

He boasted that from his first day in office, he would begin the process to wipe Obama Care off the map. When questioned, The Donald told reporters, that he never promised to repeal the ACA in 63 days.

Republicans were certain they would be able to replace the Affordable Care Act with The American Health Care Act. Their plan was dead in the water before it even hit the floor.

The Republicans are placing blame with House Speaker Paul Ryan. The POTUS is faulting the Democrats, even saying that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi now own Obama Care.

For now, the ACA remains intact. What the future holds is anybody's guess. Republicans and Democrats should come together as bipartisan. And put the welfare of the American people first. With Donald Trump as Commander in Chief, However, it's probably not likely.