Twitter was alive with debate on Monday after news of the oroville dam near-collapse.

Authorities said mammoth amounts of #floodwater could rush onto neighboring towns, maintaining that the worse case scenario could be a three-story wall of H2O causing an unmitigated #environmental disaster.

Cali governor taken to task

Environmental activists blamed California Governor Jerry Brown for ignoring calls by the Sierra Club to look at the dam's effect on the area.

Conservatives were outraged too

A Twitter user called @bowhunter_va tweeted Gerry Brown 'you knew about the problems with the #OrovilleDam , yet YOU chose to squander tax $ protecting ILLEGALS in sanctuary cities!'

Others spoke about America's need for improved infrastructure, including roads, airports and highways.

Dams, perhaps are the last to get noticed when talk turns to infrastructure repairs. But they provide a crucial role, giving clean water for commercial and domestic use. They also help with floods and power by powering hydroelectricity.