Donald Trump has criticized CA as being "Out of control" in an interview yesterday. Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States -- who wields the lowest approval rating -- called out California on many topics. From the famous University California Berkley closing its doors due to protest to a new state bill in which Trump has threatened to cut federal funding to the state and the highly remarked university.

UC Berkely incident

Donald Trump now believes because it 's hard to control protesters at the school, a lecture like gathering was canceled.

Trump has realized saying that if California is not able to handle these peaceful protests then maybe we cut federal funding off altogether, which would mean potentially no more UC Berkley.

Protesters had burned some buildings and threw bricks and firecrackers. The protests cost an estimate of one thousand dollars. Many believe that the campus police and city police had failed to provide security and this event spiraled out of control. Milo Yiannopoulos who was supposed to speak that night canceled his speech after these protests, some were peaceful, but some weren't. Milo Yiannopoulos tweeted that he would be happy to return and the university stated that they would invite him back if the school's Republicans request he return to deliver his speech.

CA bill that might cost federal funding

A CA bill that is in the marks would urge California to declare itself a sanctuary state. Trump has tweeted in the past and campaigned saying he will cut federal funding to states and cities that declare themselves sanctuary cities or places that assist immigrants. Trump said in an interview that the state is "out of control," and if this proposal passes, all funding will be cut.

With some CA residents starting a revolt to become an independent nation CA has to prove it can stand on its own.


Trump has on multiple accounts threatened to cut federal funding to CA. California is hurting immigrants with the travel ban and protests are not being handled appropriately. If CA passes more anti-Trump orders, then he might cut federal funding.