President Donald Trump reportedly signed an executive order without knowing that he was appointing his white nationalist, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to the National Security Council (NSC) Principals Committee. Trump apparently is blaming his staff for failing to brief him on exactly what he was signing. However, Trump, who canceled his trip to an African-American museum after getting into a Twitter fight with infamous civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis, (D, Ga.), did not mention that reading documents thoroughly and knowing what one is signing, is unquestionably expected of any President, including Donald Trump.

Priebus's 10 point checklist

Reince Priebus, Trump's White House Chief of Staff, admonished the White House staff for failing to establish an acceptable communications system. The current communications system within the White House (WH) is resulting in the kinds of oversights that enabled Trump to appoint Bannon to the NSC without knowing it. Trump reportedly is furious over the mishap and is concerned that the appointment plays into the hands of those who repeatedly describe him as a racist and challenge him on social media, including Twitter, Trump's favorite social media site.

To minimize the chances of any mistakes such as Trump's accidental appointment of Bannon to the NSC from occurring again, Priebus devised a 10-point checklist that will be used to "sign off" any and all releases of information from the WH Communications Department.

Surprisingly, the checklist even will apply to Press Secretary Robert Porter and his activities, even though WH press secretaries usually are extended more freedom than are other WH operatives.

Bannon' s promotion within the administration

Priebus has denied emphatically that he is losing power and effectiveness within the Trump Administration.

However, observers in and around the WH are stating that Bannon has gained power and momentum in the WH and that he, not Priebus, is the one who has Trump's ear currently.

Mike Pence sounds off on LGBTQ discrimination

Meanwhile, Vice-President Mike Pence sounded off over the weekend on the talk show circuit. On the circuit, Pence stated that Trump will not overturn President Barack Obama's executive order that prohibits any kind of discrimination against members of the LGBTQ Community in federal employment, promotions, etc.. Pence did not mention Trump's ban against Muslim immigrants, or his misogynistic statements, or his bad relations with African-American leaders nationwide.